It’s that time of the year again, to find that one little word to which a year’s worth of growth, activity, and reflection can be shared with.  Last year, my word was “be”, and as I reflected on last year, that word was something that fit very well.

I had to “be healthy” as I struggled with different issues. I had to “be strong” as I dealt with things that could eventually have led to further problems or death. I had to “be persistent” with school and family. And I had to “be on time” to many, many doctors appointments. Ugh!

So, what to pick this year? I could pick “confident” because I feel this going into 2017. I could pick “grow” because of professional things that are going on here that will force me to stretch my mind. Heck, I could pick “fun” because I need a little of that in my life! 🙂

This one was a struggle to me. Last year put me back on my heels and I really want to go forward without dwelling on the past. As I reflected on this, my one little word for this year is “balance“. I feel that this year, I have to be able to find that balance in my life. My health is such, that I need to balance between what I need for my health and what I enjoy. I need balance between school and home as I feel pulled by both. I need balance between what a 45 year old fat, gray, and balding man can do, and what he should do. And finally, I need balance between that feeling of “oh crap” and that feeling of “oh yes”, because too often, I drift towards the negative instead of seeing all the positives around me!

So, my #OLW2017, #onelittleword2017, or whatever hashtag you want to you, my one little word is balance.