img_1778This was my view driving home Monday afternoon. I was on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi, and it was just a stunning view. The problem is, the reason that I was able to see this sucked big time.

Unfortunately, like many of us, I’m getting old. It’s been nothing huge, a little more gray, a few more aches, a bit more time for recovering with activities. All and all, it’s been a slow process, but it’s a process all the same.

That changed a couple of week ago. Without going into details right now, I had a pretty good scare and am dealing with the aftermath of it. I’m wearing a heart monitor for a month, have had more scans in the past few days than I have in my lifetime, and haven’t felt good about much at all.

But, that drive up to LaCrosse, listening to a Groove Electic mix (highly recommended for funk mixes, FYI), the sunroof open, the temperature just right, I just felt right with the world. And on my way back, to see this, to just enjoy a little reflective time, a sense of peace was with me.

Of course, that peace was completely and utterly destroyed in an election I cannot fathom, but that’s a whole different blog! :

So, I wish each of you peace where ever you find yourself. Stop, take the picture, allow yourself to be engulfed in the feeling, and when it’s done, be thankful for a brief moment, all was right in your world. It was in mine.