After writing for 31 days in a row, my writing suffered mightily in April. Two whole blogs for the month? Really? Boooo!!! 🙂

So, this first Friday in May, I’m going to look at setting up a more “rigid” writing schedule with Tuesday, being a Slice of Life day, and Friday, being a Friday thoughts day.

Today, teenagers. As I write this, I’m dealing with a ginormous case of senioritous (which thankfully has held off until now) and a ginormous case of immaturity (which I’m not sure all the time in the world can cure right now). It’s amazing how two children from the same gene pool can be so incredibly, massively different on so many levels.  What’s more amazing, I wrote about the fun I had with a group of teenagers a couple of weeks ago on the band and chorus trip!

And angst. We have it by the bucket load here at our house, by the gallon. Imagine one of those ocean going tankers, filled to the brim with teenaged angst. It’s parked at our house, pumping that stuff into our well, running into the heating and cooling system, and spraying it around the house! If we get anymore angst around our place, they’ll start putting a bit haz-mat bubble over our house and call it a contaminated area!

They have redeeming qualities, I’m certain of it, but right now, I wish I could find them! I love my daughters, I do, but wow have the hormones and all the yuck that goes with being a teenager hit.  And if I hear the words “that’s not fair” or “you can’t do that” or “but my friends get to do that” about one more time, I’m pretty sure my head will start spinning like a top.

Not often will my children do this to me, but the last few days, buttons have been pushed, the launch sequence has been activated, and pretty soon……BOOM!

Until I get a good night’s sleep, get up and watch them sing tomorrow at Large Group Contest.

Life will be better then! 🙂

Until then, I want to be put in time out: someplace quiet where I don’t have to deal with anyone for the of minutes I am old.  45 glorious minutes in a quiet place!

I’m good with that! 🙂