Right now, the weather is echoing the feelings I have right now. It’s a winter mess of ice, sleet, rain, thunder, lightening, and general anger outside my window.  That’s a pretty good description of what’s going on inside me based on my Twitter feed and daughters right now.

And I shouldn’t be this way. My oldest daughter has been nominated for a couple of all-state type academic awards and will be part of a larger news spread of kids who are high achievers. My youngest was selected as a finalist for a trip to Washington DC through our local electric cooperative, and all though she didn’t get it, her whole group was complimented on how they did and she, along with the other sophomores who weren’t picked, were highly encouraged to try again next year.

But they make bad decisions, they fight us over the dumbest things, and I worry about the relationship they have both with us and each other.  My Twitter feed, that’s my post tomorrow all ready, and it’s just what our country is all about right now: starving our educational system and causing it to implode upon itself.

Either way, it’s very late, and I’m going to go take my frustrations out on the treadmill!