It’s been a great day to be a basketball junkie. Today, I got to watching Kansas pommel the University of Connecticut and my San Antoino Spurs continue their undefeated season at home, while making batch after batch of popcorn. Not a bad way to spend an evening at home. I’ve not opened my school email, I’ve not even thought about school work, just basketball and folding a bit of laundry.

To be honest, the day as a whole hasn’t been a bad one at all. My riding lawn mower fired right up this afternoon. I typically forget to take the battery in and it usually entails me having to push the mower out and charging it somehow. Today, boom, away it went. I got my hands dirty, getting a few of the garden boxes cleaned out, the soil turned over. I found I will need to replace a part on the grill, but it’s still working, so we had grilled burgers, the first of the season.

In the end, this junkie will need a another fix tomorrow as the Hawkeyes and Panthers battle for a place in the Sweet Sixteen. As an Iowan, the possibility of having three teams from Iowa in the final sixteen teams of the tournament, it would be pretty “sweet” indeed! 🙂