“But it’s too hard, Mr. Johnston.”

That was the reply after a week of Slice of Writing for my students.  We started out with 48 students, roughly half of the students I see on a daily basis.  I’d emailed daily, reminding students of the writing that needed to be done, but last weekend was a three day weekend.


The amount of excuses on why students, both 6th and 8th graders could not write was a bit disheartening. True, I should take it personally, but yet, I do. Could I have prepped this better, offered some kind of other incentive (pizza at the end, but could I offered something else, should I have), or added more excitement to it somehow?  It’s unfortant that we’ve created this culture where students feel learning (and writing) can only happen during school hours.  That’s just my opinion, good, bad, or otherwise.

I’m not sure, but to see my numbers cut in about half, maybe even more than that, it’s a tough one to swallow.

However, I’ll keep encouraging those who ARE still writing, and don’t worry, the writing will continue!  🙂