Three hundred blogs posts.

That’s a lot of writing, a lot of words, a lot of hot air for sure!

I’ve written about poop, technology, teaching, family, highs, lows, and many other things in between.

What am I most proud of? The fact that I keep going. I’m never going to gain fame or fortune from my writing.  Some of the topics in here are very trivial, it’s not organized at all, and I’m sure some of the writing is crap.  However, I’ve kept going.

I want my students to write all the time, to find joy in the words they are able to produce, the emotions they are able to create, both in themselves and their readers.  If I expect that of them, why not of myself?  I wrote a blog about teaching in Iowa that got 700+ hits.  I’ve written blogs that have zero hits.  Both were important to me, and that’s what I want my students to realize, writing is personal. Some days, your writing isn’t going to be good, and that’s ok. Some days, your writing is spectacular, and that’s ok too! It’s the fact that these words are being put to print, that I’ve kept going, and that I’ll keep going too.

As my writing continues, I like the voice that I’ve created here. It’s just real, who I am, where I’m at in life with a wife, two high school daughters, a mortgage, and two Brown Swiss. That’s all changing soon with a daughter graduating, the other pressing for more privileges as she’ll be 16 soon. We talked last night a lot about staying true to herself in the face of a lot of stress and drama at school, and I think the same goes for my own writing. I’m not suddenly going to be that writer, talking about educational leadership. There are plenty of chiefs around that I’ll be a happy worker.  Nor am I going to be that writer going negative about things.  If I’ve impressed anything with my students, it’s the fact that attitude plays such a huge roll in all we do. As a worker bee, my attitude dictates what how the classroom atmosphere feels. I don’t know the background of so many of my students that keeping positive is the best thing I can do.

As I wrap this little piece up, I just want to say thank you to all who take the time to read this.  I appreciate the six of you who take the time to read this (yes, I’ve added another reader!) and to comment when the mood hits you! Not all of my work is stellar, but it’s still my work. Each time I hit that publish button, the butterflies are there. The girls I coach ask each year if I get nervous before games as I’ve been coaching for a while now. I always tell them: if I’m not getting butterflies before a game, it’s time for me to let someone else take over.  I feel the same way about my writing. If I’m not nervous about publishing my work, then I need to sign off.

And I don’t see that happening for a while! 🙂