Yesterday, I questioned a lot about life, between teaching, parenting, relationships in general.  It was as if things just piled and piled and piled on, without end.  I went to bed feeling pretty crappy about everything I do. I didn’t sleep well (my wife is at a three day training), and it took an awful lot of will power to get going this morning. Between the fact our basketball games tonight may not go real well and my shoulder just aching, it just seemed like another awful day was setting up.

However, as was walking into the gas station after filling my car up (yup, still poor), a funny thing happened. One of my 8th graders gives me a big wave and smile and “Good morning, Mr. J!”  Totally shocked me, but just made me smile.  As I drove to school, the song, “Happy”, a favorite of mine, came on the radio.  The music that streamed in on my “Carbon Leaf” Pandora channel was just spot on awesome.  Next, I stumbled over this blog about what students are really remembering about teachers. No, it’s not the awesome lesson on dialogue, it’s that you care.  Just reinforced in my own mind that yes, while I’m not always a real good teacher, my students know that I care.  So, I changed my plans a bit, and had my student blog about something they cared about.  Not going to lie, it’s not writing that going to change the course of human history, but it is personal and from the heart, writing that I love! 🙂

Some days, we get that ton of ick dropped from 30,000 feet and when it lands on us, it feels like there can’t possibly be a tomorrow, because today will never end.  Fear not, my friends, tomorrow showed up, and it was the little things about today that have made it great.  A text from my wife, a wave from a student, uplifting music, laughter in the hallways, all of it has wiped that yuck out of my system.  True, reality will come back sooner than later, but why not enjoy it??

Look for those little moments, put them away, and pull them out when the darkness is overwhelming.

I will at admit though, I started writing this before school started, and as I’m finishing it up, I’m finding out that Alan Rickman has passed away.  I posted this to both my Facebook and Twitter account: “I don’t want to adult today. I want to be at home to watch Alan Rickman movies, then listen to some David Bowie.”  That’s dampened my day a little bit, but at the same time, I’ve been born in a time where I watch Rickman in several roles and could enjoy David Bowie’s music. How incredibly lucky am I??

I will continue to push the positive and be that positive force that my students need. It may be the fact I’ve told them “good morning” or offer a smile that their day gets turned around.  And if I can do that for one student, it makes some of the ick worth it! 🙂

To round things out, I’ve rediscovered two of my favorite podcasts! Techlandia and Clublife by Tiesto are back in play! 🙂

And my last positive just showed up in my email a couple of minutes ago, my nephews playing with a new AT-AT! 🙂 If that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will!

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