As another week winds down, I find myself at a loss for writing topics. I’m not a hugely creative person to begin with, so sometimes, that struggle is real!

However, sometimes, it’s just the idea that you are keeping on that is a good one. I’m still working to make sense of 8th grade curriculum, but am getting some coaching on how to map out the rest of my year.  That’s a positive thing. Our parent/teacher conferences finished up last week, and I’m only having to reschedule two out of 26 conferences. That’s a positive thing. We played our first basketball game last night as an 8th grade team, and while we didn’t win, I saw some huge positives in some of my players.  We’ve got a TON of work to do, but it’s nice to see some of what we’ve been practicing happening on the court.

At home, we keep trying to do the right things as parents. Nope, we aren’t buying our kids’ cars because they are of driving age. Nope, you don’t get to drive to school just because your friends do. Nope, we aren’t investing $$$$ into a pair of jeans that may get worn out fairly quickly. Nope, leggings aren’t pants (a favorite of mine). 🙂  It’s exhausting at times, because we are told time and time again that “it’s not fair”, but we keep on moving forward, keeping the conversation about what matters.

So, that idea of “just keep on keeping” on during this time of the year, when the leaves have fallen, and everything has taken that gray/brown look of winter, it’s very important.  We have to keep our heads up, stay as positive as possible, and just keep moving forward in all we do. It has to be done for ourselves, our families, our students, all of us.  If we aren’t doing it, who will?

Not the cheeriest of topics I know, but after this week, I’m feeling good about just being.

And some days, that’s good enough! 🙂