I swear, I clicked post last night! But, here’s my Monday post…..on Tuesday. #Ihatebeinglate

One of the great things that I love about blogging isn’t always the writing part of things, but finding the new blogs to follow.  People who like a piece of writing or leave a comment, I’m able to go back through and check out their content as well. It leads to some awesome writing that I’ve been able to pull into the classroom.

I’ve followed a teacher named Brey and her blog Ordinary Adventures and love reading her posts. She’s the kind of writer that I wish I could be, just fun loving, carefree, with a love of life. It’s always fun to read her posts about whatever and she’s my inspiration for this current post. I read her “Get to Know Me Monday” post last week, but lost track of time to get it up, so today, it was a goal to make sure it happened! So, in honor of Brey’s post, here’s my three facts:

1) I’m terrified of change.

During class last week, we talked about “One LIttle Word” as shared in a recent blog post from Two Writing Teachers, and my word was change. This calendar year I gained two new endorsements on my teaching license so I could teach middle school, moved rooms, changed what I teach, gained a senior, along with who knows what other things that went on. Holy crap. As I told my students, I knew change had to be my one little word because change is very hard for me. I’m the guy that takes the same route to places, not because it’s the fastest, but because it’s what I’m used to. It drives my wife crazy, but I love my routine. As a teacher, change is a must, but it’s very much a stressor in my life.

2) I’m an introvert.

If you follow me on Twitter, I don’t seem like this, but I’m the guy in the back of the room, not drawing attention to himself. Just like change is a stressor to me, new situations are the same way. On my father’s side of the family, they are antique/junk dealers who can talk with anyone. My mother’s side of the family is much more reserved and laid back.  Apparently, I’ve got a good dosage of my mom in me because those kinds of talking situations that my father just loves, drive me crazy!  My oldest daughter and I do get along well because sometimes, you just need to be alone, away from people.  My wife and my youngest daughter, not so much! 🙂

3) I’m a basketball junkie.

Again, I’ll drive my wife nuts because I’ll watch just about any kind of basketball at any time.  I’ve coached from the varsity level down to 5th grade and have loved it all. Would I be a varsity coach now? Probably not. I love coaching middle schoolers simply because it’s teaching. I tell my girls that the basketball court is simply an extension of the classroom.  The only difference, if you aren’t paying attention on the court, you get to run or do pushups (which they’ve found out all ready)! Our middle school season has started and I have 13 8th grade girls to manage, which is a great number for me (last year was 19 and the year before 28). We are going to work hard, have fun, and try to win a few games along the way.

So, what are three things you’d like us to know about you? Create your post and link me in! I’d love to learn more about those who follow this crazy thing!

And if not, I do appreciate your time here! 🙂