Sometimes, it just takes that.

Today, we had an IEP meeting for a student, and afterwards, the special education teacher said that about what was happening in the our reading classroom he gets to be in with a number of students.

I don’t think he knew how much that meant.  I’ve felt behind the 8 ball for a while now, moving into an 8th grade curriculum I don’t know along with not having a ton of time to talk as a team about things.  But it’s not about those things.

Those compliments which are totally impromptu, off the cuff, and genuine are the best.  Why do we feel we can’t give those to each other?  Is it pride?  Something we feel uncomfortable doing?  A matter of just opening ourselves up to our co-workers?  Our principal is quick with a compliment and a thank you, which to an old school guy like me (all of 44 years old) means a lot.  Why don’t we do that more often?

The relationships we build with those simple things go so far in creating a work place we ALL would want to come to.

So do it! Give a student, a co-worker, your child, spouse, or significant other a compliment and see what happens.

It won’t be a bad thing, that’s for sure!