First, sorry I missed last week. It was home, sicker than I’ve been in years. My fever topped out at 103.4 and I was having clear conversations in my sleep (says my daughter who was home sick with me).  I missed a half day on Monday, but have been back to school and other than this darn cough, I feel pretty well recovered! Scary stuff though, how quickly it came on and how high my fever got so quickly!

No no no, I’m not going to celebrate Friday (all thought it’s worth it!).

I’m going to celebrate ALL days of the week, and Friday is the day that really pushes that forward. My students are like many of yours: they come in Monday dragging, moaning and groaning with Friday rolling around and they are pumped up.

How many of your co-workers do this too?


If we want our students to be excited about school, we have to be excited about school.  If we are counting down the days until the end of the year, if we are moaning on Mondays, what message do we send to our little angels?

Mondays, I’m jacked up with positive energy.  I’m smiling, I’m greeting kids,  I’m all over the room.  Fridays, I’m jacked up with positive energy, but a little lower key.  My kids noticed this one day and asked why.  My reply: “Mondays I’m excited to come back and see each of you, to hear your stories, and to get back into things.  Fridays, I’m excited that we’ve had a good week, but I also know we all come in really excited too.  My mood can help each of you and if I’m a little more calm, so are you.” A few of them just couldn’t understand that logic, but many nodded their heads, understanding what I mean.

It’s not that we can’t celebrate Fridays, but we need to keep it in perspective as well.  I love Fridays! It’s a day to celebrate the hard work we’ve done all week!  Do I count down to Fridays? Oh my goodness, yes, but I do so in my head.  Do moan about some Mondays?  Sure do!  But my students won’t see that.  I want them to know I’m excited to be here regardless of the day!

So, my happy thought: Friday! Enjoy them, celebrate them, but keep them in perspective and know you’ve got eyes watching what you say vs. what you do!

And on that note: Thank Goodness It’s Friday! 🙂