I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a tech geek and when I heard they were finally updating the iPod Touch, I was like a kid in a candy store! I have grown to appreciate the iPod as more than just a music player, it’s so much more than that! I can tweet, blog (like right now), check email, take/post pictures, and of course listen to music!

I got made fun when it arrived because I raced home and raced back to school to open it and start to explore. But I didn’t care, because this was my new toy. My students quickly realized that I could take pictures, tweet them to our classroom Twitter feed or even send an email from the back of the room.

As a device I was able to leave my laptop at home and able to take voice notes or quick type notes into memos or emails to send back to myself. As time has gone on I’ve been able to add Google Docs, Google Mail and am able to do many more different types of things with this device. And apps! There are many different apps that I can test out and try and use both for myself personally and in class. I can check blogs on Kidblog, I can look at notes on Google Docs, I can check spelling on SpellingCity. I’m able to be connected with my students even without a laptop. Twitter is easy to use on my iPod and I’m able to try out apps such as Voxer that are able to help me connect both with other classrooms and with other educators.<

I am hamstrung with the fact that I need Wi-Fi to be able to connect but otherwise I am able to do many things off-line. At some point I will upgrade to a smart phone where I will only need one device not my iPod and phone but until then this seems to be a very workable solution for me. For now carrying two devices is as good as it will be for me and I'm okay with that I can phone I can listen to music I can connect online.