I’ve wondered what writer’s block is like for real writers.  What do they feel as they look at their screen or their paper and nothing jumps out at them, ideas don’t flow, and words just are so incredibly hard to come by.  Well, I don’t have to wonder, it’s here.

It’s not as though I don’t have things to write about.  My school is in a constant state of flux, my classroom is difficult right now, heck, my middle school daughter is acting like, well, a middle schooler.  But so many of those are such personal writing, and I’m to the point that point where sharing too much isn’t always a good thing either.

So, I love my blog, I love the goofy titles and silly things I’ve written about, but I’m at a crossroads.  Where do I want this to go?  Do I want a slow, painful slide into nothingness?  Do I want to push to do more, to do better?  And where do the words, ideas, inspirations come from?

It’s the end of the school year and I’m tired, I know this about myself.  But in some ways, it just feels like more this time and that worries me.