I’ve just finished reading “Top 20 Golden Age Hip-Hop Album” and yes, I loved it.  Many of the groups have been or still are favorites, and the top group, A Tribe Called Quest, I could put their work on shuffle, being a happy man.  My daughters have started getting into this style of music (oldest daughter had Cypruss Hill on her iPod and other daughter was listening to De la Soul) much to my wife’s chagrin.  However, much of this music first came out while I was in the stage of really finding out what music was.  Is this a complete list? Heck no.  Ice Cube is not mentioned anywhere and reading the comments, so are a number of different artists who put out amazing tracks during that time.  However, it was one author’s opinion.

Much can be said for the “Top 20” lists that seem to constantly float around Twitter.  I’ll be the first to admit, I’ll retweet those in a heart beat as I always find something on them.  However, I’ve heard others talk about how they don’t feel lists like that are good for education.  I say, why not?

It’s true, these are the opinions of one writer and this person may be trying to drive business towards a certain app or website, I get that.  However, as I said above, these lists are sometimes my starting point.  I don’t have time to individually investigate website, awesome  apps, or even suggestions from others.  Having group of those together in one spot saves me the time that I’d spend finding them.  Sure, they may all be garbage, that’s happened any number of times.  However, if that’s the case, the delete button is my friend, not my foe.  But if I can find one piece from those lists, one thing to share with staff or Twitter, that to me is a success!

So, if you see me sharing “100 Top Hair Pieces of all Time”, don’t be sad, be happy you might just find something you like! 🙂