*Dusting my blog off*

Yup, it’s been a while, over a month in fact.  It’s not that I’ve been without ideas, far from it.  It’s just been a hard month, period.  My coaching has taken me away from seeing my oldest daughter play.  My class, while small, is one of the more difficult classes I’ve come across.  I’ve been tired just not feeling good about my own teaching.  All of this has just taken a toll on my own attitude and overall health for that matter.  I’ve not run in months, my weight is up, and I’m not sleeping well.  The stuff floating around in my head hasn’t been blog worthy, not at all.  No one wants to read grumpy, whiny stuff, and I’ve not written.

However, it’s a new year.  And for some people, big deal, it’s new year with the same crap.  Why the change?  I’ll blame my youngest daughter and her basketball team.  We had practice last Thursday and Friday, practices that I was just dreading.  I’d had girls email saying they weren’t going to be there and I was ready to cancel.  We got there, and by the time practice started, we had 22 of 28 girls there.  They worked as hard as they have all season long, laughing, smiling, being 8th graders, yet being basketball players too.  How in the world could I be in this funk with these great kids running and working hard.

Why indeed?  The last couple of days I’ve been out at school working to put my room back together again.  It was cleaned over break and things were left all over the place.  I’ve joined into a challenge group via Twitter, pushing to run 500 miles this year (#500in2014), and have started to track my calories again.  It’s about attitude, something I preach to my students and players, so I guess I need to practice what I preach! 🙂

Not going to do any real “resolutions” other than I want less clutter in my life.  I’ve donated a bunch of clothes and books, working to get some of my home clutter under control (hurray says my wife).  My classroom clutter, I’ll be doing the same thing, pitching, donating, and just working to keep my paperwork under control.

Anyway, I hope to keep this more current, to work on my own attitude, to keep the clutter (both physical and mental) under control, and to keep connecting with you, those who read this little part of the Internet.  If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for bearing with me, and I promise, we’ll keep in closer touch! 🙂