Why hello there blog!  What’s that you say, where have I been?  It’s been two weeks since the last time that I wrote to you??  You are quite right, I’ve been a bit lax about doing some writing, but yet, I think I’ve been productive as well.

It’s not as though I’m playing around too much, but yet, I feel like all I do is work.  Then I start to think about the other teachers in my school, darn near every single one of them having a class larger than mine.  With our whole grade sharing agreement and the cuts to teachers at this end, my class is the smallest in the school, period.  I have this guilt that never seems to go away and I don’t often feel like I can talk about the issues of my room simply because I have sixteen students and most have between 27 – 30 of their own.

So, I work on it.  I am focusing on staying positive, trying to find those things in my classroom, in myself, my students, my co-workers, my school (you get the idea) that can be celebrated, or at least pointed out to higher ups.  They can then point out things to the rest of us.  What else can you do but try to be positive?  If that doesn’t work, I hop online.  I will say that the personal learn network via Twitter I’ve put together is outstanding.  Even if I don’t meet 1/100th of these people, my life, my profession is better for me knowing them.

As I try to keep in touch more, my blog, just know I’m going to keep trying to reach out, keeping the positive side up, and hopefully, making a difference somewhere along the while.