I’ve been a full time teacher for 17 years.  Good grief, does that make me old yet? And no, if you are one of the five people who read this, you can’t answer that question! 🙂


I’ve been 14 years at this current school and have had my fair share of ups and down, made some really dumb decisions and worked at a high level with a staff that pushes me to do better.  However, you know that feeling you get that something is missing, that while things are going well, there’s more out there? I’ve had that, a lot.  I didn’t know if that meant I should be switching schools, looking for a new job somewhere else.  While I can’t imagine not being a teacher, there are many forms of teaching that can happen, so I’ve been wondering if perhaps I should be looking in that direction.  Teachers who aren’t in the classroom can make great things happen as well.


However, as I’ve been chatting, tweeting, writing, and actually meeting some in my PLN this summer, it struck me, this is what I’m meant to do, period.  Not only the teaching, but the online presence that I’ve created, the sharing I can do with hundreds of teachers, the collaboration that will come from it, my words here, all of it.  It has become who I am, and that nagging feeling has subsided for the time being because things seem to fit right now.  Of course, I fully expect a call from my principal telling me I’ll be teaching kindergarten or something goofy like that, pulling the carpet out, but for now, this moment, I feel like I’ve finally found that calling.


I want to thank you who read this, who follow me on Twitter, who I will start “hanging out with” on Google Hangouts (once they work), who I’ll do a Mystery Skype with, who will listen to me complain or celebrate.  I find inspiration daily in the how awesome the teachers are who I interact with, both in person and online. I hope that in some small way, I can help to inspire you as well.


Thank you! 🙂