One thing that I love about the Olympics, the inspiration that it brings to others!

I’ve seen tweet after tweet about “I want to….” or “Wow, that Olympian has inspired me to…..”.  How cool is this, the power that those individuals have over a nation, a world!

How can we take that and bring that to a classroom level? See the power, the inspiration in each child’s eyes?  We inspire by being there, in the moment, finding that passion in their souls, in their being.  We inspire by NOT being “that teacher” who people fear, but by establishing those relationships that those students need to perform at their own peak! Sure there will be stumbles along the way, but in the end, we want our students to do the best they can, to reach, just like Olympians, for their own gold metals!

I’m inspired by what I’ve seen over the past 17 days and as my classroom falls together, I can’t wait to reach out and guide another set of students to do the best they can!