That’s one dangerous word in my title: someday.


As July rolled through, I heard that word in my mind a lot: “I’ll get to that someday”, “someday I should get that picked up”, “we should go off and visit someday”.


Well, it’s August and someday has come and gone.  That’s the problem I find arising suddenly as an educator, that idea of someday.  My daughters are both middle and high school aged, and within a few years, they’ll be out exploring on their own.  We did a number of trips when they were young, camped, and our schedule was flexible.  As they’ve gotten older, our schedule’s gotten more inflexible: swim, fair, wife’s work, my own professional development.  This year, I spend 11 days away from my family for some kind of professional development.  I won’t lie, this was hard for everyone because schedules had to be switched around, rides found, people called.  This is the first year that I can remember being gone this much.  And while it was good stuff (PLC training in St. Louis was awesome), that idea of “someday” inched away from us.


As I look August in the face, we’ve take a huge step in that our daughter will be swimming for a high school about 25 miles away and NOT running cross country for the first time in three year.  This adds another layer of complication on a schedule all ready full of it. However, with this, we are trying to be proactive, scheduled some vacation time during Thanksgiving, and a trip to see friends during Labor Day.  But again, “someday” creeps as my wife and I have a hard time finding that time for us to get away too.


I guess in all this rambling my point is, don’t let someday bite you in the rear.  Know that if you don’t plan it, it won’t happen, or if it does, it won’t be what you want.  Work on that balance of having to work two extra hours a day on school work and finding time for your significant other or family.  Someday is tempting, and we’d been lured in a bit.


No more.