Twitter, some people love it, other hate it. Most just roll their eyes when I bring it up.

For the most part, I pass information along, websites, quotes, snippets of information gathered from the far reaches of the online universe. Some relavent, others not so much.

Tonight however, I got my toes wet.  I was really planning on the treadmill, when I got to looking at a conversation had by Bridgette Wagoner (@b_wagoner) and Scott Boylen (@iowasboy) dealing with higher education and it’s place right now in Iowa’s future.  Without going into huge detail, I posted a reply, and got drawn into the exchange.  No, it wasn’t long nor especially memorable, but it was a first for me, my first true venture into exposing myself and my thoughts about our education system.

I’m not “joe expert”, I’m just a run of the mill teacher, what do I know about education reform and policy??  The problem with that statement, I want more from myself, my classroom, and those who choose to lead.  I strive to be a better teacher, but educational policy interests me (thanks Twitter), and more often then not, I find myself reading blogs about that.  If find myself drawn towards reform, looking at at the ideas thrown out there, but where are they coming from?  Are they back by anything but hot air?  Are there educators, people who’ve been in the classrooms, helping to create a reform movement we can all be proud of?

Like anything in life, it’s a matter of mustering up a bit of courage, and dabbling your toes, getting them wet to test the waters.  No, I doubt you’ll hear my name as any kind of expert, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn enough to help sway an opinion or two.

Who knows, stranger thing have happened! 🙂

Oh, if Bridgette and Scott aren’t all ready part of your PLN, they are worth the follow! Outstanding educators, one’s who will continue to push us towards the system we want.