In 1987, the song, “One Shining Moment” was played at the end of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament with highlights of the games played.  Since then, it’s become a staple of the tournament, a tribute to the players, the teams, sweat and determination it takes to make it in the field of 64.  For those who’ve not heard the song:

I’ll be honest, it never fails to get me misty-eyed watching this year after year. I stay up late (my wife doesn’t understand) to see the presentation of the trophy, and to wait for this song.  For me, in three minutes of highlights, it’s all about the pure emotion of the tournament. The good, the bad, the highs, the lows.  Imagine four weeks worth of super hyped games packed into three minutes and thirty seconds, and that’s what One Shining Moment is all about.

However, as I’ve stayed up later tonight, it’s more then that.  It’s how life should be lived, going for it, giving it your all in the face of too high expectations or in the face of momumental odds.  It’s about showing up, everyday, putting on your game face, and getting the job done.  It’s about loving with reckless abandon, showing those in your life how much they mean to you, not being afraid to cry, always pushing to do better.

As teachers, educators, friends, family member, husbands, wives, lovers, are we there?  Are we in the moment, giving that person, whether it be a student or a friend that support they need.  And if we aren’t, why not?  Sports analogies abound with a song like this, but it boils down to one thing:

Can you someone’s “One Shining Moment”?