I work hard to keep myself positive. This will not be one of those posts.  If the negative vibe isn’t for you, I understand, but I’d not keep reading too much more.

We are not a large school, about 450 students, k-12.

We do not have large places around us. Closest “major” city is about 60,000 just over an hour away. Next closest it about 6,000 people about 30 minutes.

Our industry is agriculture, period. Most manufacturing jobs have long since gone, taking with them families and jobs, leaving friends and family behind.  This in turn pulls students and families from our school.  At the peak of enrollment, ten years ago, we were at about 650 students.  You can see how our location and the economy have gutted this community.

Last week, we learned of the cuts being made at our school, and they are devastating to say the least.  I won’t go into them because they aren’t finalized yet, but needless to say, we are not in a good place.  The hardest part of all this, is watching the dominos begin to fall.  As one person is told of a pink slip, they bump someone else, who in turn bumps another person.

We hear a lot about how this isn’t a “fair” way of doing things.  Honestly, there is no “fair” way when it comes to people’s lives and how they earn a living.  People are hurt and will be hurt, with no way of changing that fact.  I’m nervous, 12 years into this position, and I could easily see myself bumped in another year or two.

As a 16 year veteran of my field, I didn’t think I’d be to this point in my career where I’d be over concerned about my job.  But as I watch the dominos cascading across our school, I have to be.

I line up the dominos and knock them over.  Then, I pick them up, set them up, and see what happens next.  Here I am, standing, not wanting to be knocked down, but preparing for whatever comes my way.

Thank you for letting me get this out. I appreciate your time spent here! 🙂