It’s our first snow day here of the year, and so why not sit down and write? 🙂


I woke up at 5:45 this morning to a little more then a dusting of snow.  I’d left the night before with a little bit of school work, but nothing much more then a few papers and some books.  Well, the papers got looked at, the books entered, and at 6:30 this morning, suddenly I was school-less for the day!  Excellent! So what do I do? Go back to school to gather the rest of my classroom library! Ugg!  However, if I can get the rest of these books entered, on Monday, I can give the students a test drive on our new online checkout system!  This way, we can keep a little better track of the books we have, plus, know when books are missing too! Crazy thoughts I know! 🙂


The rest of this day will be spent making snicker doodles, chocolate chip cookies, watching either Bones or Charmed with my wife and daughters, and finishing up a couple of easy reading books!  A game or two will show up, chess being one of them as I know my oldest daughter has been practicing, hoping to beat me!


Snow days are those little nuggets of joy that while kids enjoy, teachers love.  We all know they’ll be made up, but for our family (teacher, teacher trainers, and two students) this is one of those rare days when things aren’t scheduled.  In your pajamas? Outstanding! Popcorn in front of the TV? Why not? Eating cookies as fast as they can be make? Yes please!  If the snow were a little heavier, we’d be working on the traditional six foot snow man.  Last year’s was probably around 6’5″ and yes, hoisting that head up was a pain! 🙂


Enjoy those unscheduled moments, they don’t come often, don’t last long, and are where the memories of a lifetime are made!