We work with the Daily 5 in our school, and I have jumped into things as best I can without training. I use my #D5chat hash tag on Twitter, do my research, but never quite feel like I’m doing things right. The one big buy in that I have is that it just gets kids to read, period.  We’d done more reading during this time then I can ever remember in a “literacy” class setting.  On top of this, during our conferences last week, I had multiple families talk about how much their child reads at home, much more then before.  This has NEVER happened before! 🙂


Anyway, every Thursday is a “Refresh Your Reading” day where we troop down to the library to refresh our book tubs, look at books, and just take a bit of a break from the week.  As we were down there, one of my students was quite disappointed that the book Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix wasn’t on the shelf.  We looked a bit, and with the card catalog down, we were just going to wait.  As we were walking out, I took a quick glance on the cart of books to be reshelved, and what do you know, there it was.


As I held it up for my student, she gasps, squeels, and runs over to grab the book out of my hand.  I look at the librarian, and she says, “Yup, that’s what gets me up in the morning!”


I love my job! 🙂