First, welcome to my little corner of the world.


My plan for this blog is like a river, it’s fast moving, yet meandering.  It’s deep in some spots, certainly shallow in others. Finally, some days it will seem like a flood, with other weeks, a definite drought! What I’m saying is that I’m feeling the need to talk through some of the stuff that I’ve learned, seen, and am experiencing, yet I’m not all for certain what that might look like.


I appreciate the fact you’ve spent a few of your seconds here, and I hoping that has this progresses, that you won’t be too disappointed in what you find here. Suggestions are always welcome, and criticism will always be deleted! 🙂


I have a little bit of time left here at school, so I’m going to keep organizing and see what else I can throw away.  It’s the year 2011, and I’ve thrown away college projects from 1993, so I’m feeling good about myself right now. If I could only get this closet under control, but that’s a whole different post!


Enjoy your night! 🙂