The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

Working hard to make sense of it all


Slice of Life Challenge

#SOLC21 – Day 13 – The Pandemic is Over (Not Really)

Yesterday was our anniversary, Number 27, and we celebrated with a drive through dinner, and going to bed early. My wife got her second Covid shot, so was tired and her arm hurt, but didn't seem to have any other... Continue Reading →

#SOLC21 – Day 12 – Where We Started

Where we started Where we are Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife. She's not blogging anymore (sad face), so I can do this kind of thing. We have a low key night set up because she's got her second shot... Continue Reading →

#SOLC21 – Day 11 – “Seasoned Slicer”

I had my name attached to the words, "Seasoned Slicer". I laughed. If seasoned means salty, that's me. And I say this because looking back, I was able to get a TON of comments written. I feel like I'm failing... Continue Reading →

#SOLC21 – Day 10 – A Walk to Remember, A Walk to Forget

Today was a relatively good day. We had no fights. We had no swearing. We had no kids getting sent to the office. We had no kid drama. We had no drama period. Heck, I signed up for my first... Continue Reading →

#SOLC21 – Day 9 – Looking Up

Saturday, we loaded the bikes up and went down to the Cedar Fall Bike Trail in Waterloo. It was a beautiful day and we thought, it's been above freezing for a few days, the trails will be clear. We were... Continue Reading →

#SOLC21 – Day 8 – Currently

Yeah, I'm stealing this from a bunch of people! 🙂 Currently annoyed by: Iowa in general. I'm writing about this tomorrow. We are not in a good place, not at all.Educational policy that tells us our kids are "behind". Behind... Continue Reading →

#SOLC21 – Day 7 – Are You Amish?

First, Susan, I made waffles this morning and they were heavenly. I did notice that the last time I made them, they were from scratch. This time, I used a mix, and while they were delicious, they weren't quite as... Continue Reading →

#SOLC21 – Day 6 – Stay in Your Lane

Ok, this isn't what you think? #wellwhatdoIthink That is a loaded question I've heard more than once! 🙂 Today, we had a great day. We took our new to us truck on a drive down to a bike trail and... Continue Reading →

#SOLC21 – Day 2 – The Universe Speaks

Sometimes, things pop out and just seem to yell, "HEY, PAY ATTENTION!" I got two emails from very different places, within two hour of each other. They both made me stop what I was doing a take a good inventory... Continue Reading →

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