Just some random thoughts for this fine Tuesday

So, what if…..

  • we could get humans to Mars, what would we find? We watch CNN10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays (more since Ukraine was invaded), and they’ve talked about commercial space travel and Mars. What would that look like? Would it be sustainable? Would it be an international kind of thing or just the country that makes it there is the king of the planet? How do you get home?
  • Russia decided to escalate again?
  • It would get warm and I could actually get out in my garden?? I just got my seeds started for tomatoes and peppers, but I’ve had zero opportunity to get out and work the soil a little bit. I’ve dug dandelions and tried to keep the creeping charlie at bay, but otherwise, nothing.
  • the Timberwolves could finish a gosh darn basketball game?? I watched them steal defeat from the jaws of victory tonight and am pretty sure they did the same thing last week. They have a core of players to make a run, but like one of the commentators during the game said, “They have one speed. They have to slow down and reset.” They did not do that, thus, they are behind 3 – 2.
  • kids were respectful, not because we told them to, but because it was the right thing to do? These last two days of school have been ugly with disrespect in all classes. It’s hard to pick yourself up each day when kids know they have zero consequences both at school and at home. Monday, I kicked two kids out of class, not because I wanted to, but because they couldn’t regulate their behaviors. I tend to give too many chances and they just couldn’t come back into my room to be productive. It’s so frustrating for me to have to spend time on the behaviors over and over again rather than teaching my students.
  • the farmer who runs his cattle around our property actually put up a real fence. I’d guess there are 200 cattle, younger males, pregnant cows, and cows who’ve calved. Side note, next to Brown Swiss, there’s no cuter animal than a baby Angus, all black with a little white star on its forehead. Prove me wrong. 🙂 However, in the last two days, we’ve had 5 of the younger males on our property. There are tracks all over the place. On top of that, the only way they get to our property is by walking on the road! A good fence is not always a bad thing!
  • my wife’s feet weren’t always cold?? It seems like they are cold ALL YEAR LONG! Typically, it’s a pretty good trade-off: I’m usually really warm and her feet are cold, shouldn’t be an issue, right? Well, when I’m already cold (I don’t feel good) and she puts those ice cubes on me, BRRR!!

This is late so the snark factor is high right now. What are some of your “what if”s right now? I’d love to see them in the comment section! 🙂